Origin Edit

Venator sanguis originated from a satellite that crashed in the waters of 2Fort, the satellite was used to run experiments outside of Earth. Said satellite had collected some microbe samples to run experiments on the test subjects and animals. Let's just say that, each subject didn't survive experimentation...

Appearance Edit

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Venator sanguis(or simply Blood hunter) is a species of monster whose model is an 'albino' Leech from ARK.(Download the ARK Creatures model pack on the workshop in order to find the right model)

Venator sanguis is amphibious, usually staying in the watery areas of 2Fort, Sawmill, almost any location/map with some water in it, but it can come on land to attack prey. Venator sanguis is endoparasitic, meaning that it uses organisms larger than it as hosts.

Life Cycle Edit

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The life cycle of Venator sanguis is said to be the most 'horrifying' feature of it. This is why a lot of people are afraid of it.

1. Edit

Venator sanguis subdues a host and infects it.

2. Edit

Host wakes up after two hours with no memory of what happened.

3. Edit

Host experiences nosebleeds and abdominal pain at 6 hours.

4. Edit

At 8 hours, the larva finishes growing and bursts out of the host's stomach, killing them.

Weaknesses Edit

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Venator sanguis is a glass cannon, having good offensive power, but very poor defense due to its small size. It can be killed instantly by a shotgun. So it is very weak.

Abilities Edit

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Bite, infect, acid spit.

Trivia Edit

Inspired by an old 80s sci-fi horror film called "The Falling". (Aka "Alien Predator" "Alien Predators" and "Mutant 2")